Energy Efficiency

Where does your energy go?

New homes are lucky to benefit from the advancement in technologies, but many other households are “left out in the cold” when it comes to saving energy.

We’ve created a helpful video to show where energy is escaping from your home. The video shows the loss during the winter months, wasting heating energy that you’ve already paid for.

In summer, it’s the opposite. The roles are reversed and it’s the heat from the outside that get’s into your home causing your expensive cool air to be warmed up, keeping you locked into a battle of spending more and more money to keep your home cool.

Save money. Save the planet.

Ensuring that energy loss from your home is minimised can help you to use energy more efficiently. 

Upgrading to A-Rated Windows or energy-efficient Doors can help reduce the loss of your expensive energy, whilst minimising noise pollution and helping you to reduce costly energy and in turn, less energy is needed from your supplier, reducing your carbon footprint and helping keep the planet greener.

Young woman enjoys a warm drink while looking out her new windows

Customer Satisfaction.

SRN Home Improvements’ customers receive quality workmanship and a guarantee that they will be dealt with in a professional manner at all stages of the job. SRN’s employees do whatever is necessary to ensure that the job site is kept clean, and the surrounding property protected from any debris. We work with our customers to minimise the disruption to their place of business or residence.

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