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Low-maintenance roofline to transform your home.​

uPVC Roofline makes rot, leaks and cracks a thing of the past with our range of roofline products. No more ladders, sanding, scraping, repairing, blocked gutters, painting or worries.

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Enjoy the benefits of fitting roofline from SRN

white roofline system guttering and showing ventilation

Keep out more than just the elements.

Replacing existing guttering, fascias and soffits can expose some hidden dangers to the structural integrity of your property. We can also replace rotten rafters, renew cement on the gable end edges and restore exhausted felt up to the first tiling batten ensuring your property is in prime shape for installing your new system.


We guarantee you'll not be needing a ladder for your new roofline any time soon.

Unlike timber equivalents, uPVC roofline systems from SRN offer long-lasting, colourfast, high quality finishes that even offers hidden ventilation, vermin guards and bird repellent design features to enable up to 40 years of ultra-low maintenance. There are not many products on the market that give you this sort of peace of mind for that length of time.

white bevelled guttering with vermin and leaf control

What products make up a roofline system?

white and black fascias and guttering on a modern home


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A fascia is a roof board that can be seen on the edges of the rafters of the property. They are installed to protect the roof structure and the interior of the building from being exposed. They also help to block out the roof tiling, rain guttering and water pipes that are attached to the exterior of the roof. Fascias play a big role in creating a pleasing aesthetic to the home rather than leaving the exposed rafters on view.
white soffits of a roofline system on a red brick house


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Not all roofs have soffits installed but for properties that do, it is easy enough to spot. A soffit is an additional covering that sits along the edges of your roof and the adjacent walls of a house. The idea behind this installation is to protect the rafter by sealing it in.
white cladding in roofline system

Roof Cladding

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Cladding is the layer of material which makes up the external surface of a roof or wall. The ideal material for cladding is durable, affordable, weatherproof, fireproof, insulating against both temperature changes and noise, low maintenance, and attractive — that's why we only use uPVC for this task as it ticks every box.
white roofline with black detailing
The finishing touches

Co-ordinate with your property.

Our roofline products won’t just protect your roof and home — you can now better match the look and feel of your home with various colour and shape combinations to suit your taste.








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