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Solar panels are like having your own personal generators on top of your roof. Modern panels and storage battery solutions are so efficient that many homes in Western Australia can even become self-sufficient — no more bills from the energy company, now that sounds worth looking further into.

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From panels to inverters, let SRN help you find the perfect system for your home.

Looking to upgrade to solar can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many terms and jargon being thrown about — choosing experts like SRN, who design solar panel systems bespoke to your particular home, ensures that all the technical mumbo-jargin is translated into information that you will appreciate. What are the benefits and how much will it cost.


Home batteries are changing the way solar panels can save you money.

Much like a rechargeable battery you’d use around your home, the battery stores energy and can discharge it when you need it. A battery allows you to store the energy for later in the evening, which is extremely useful for using your own energy that was produced that day instead of buying some from your supplier thus saving you more money on your energy bills.
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Solar panels can be more affordable than you thought.

Like most technology, the price of solar panels has come down to a more affordable investment for most homes. Not only that, but there are supporting initiatives that can help to make your solar purchase even friendlier on your pocket too.

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The Feed-In Tariff

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Feed-In Tariff Explained

In Australia we have mainly net feed-in tariffs, where producers of solar electricity can sell surplus energy generated by their panels to the main electricity grid.

Thanks to feed-in tariffs, generating solar energy is not only great for the environment but can be very helpful to the household budget as well.

A net feed-in tariff credits homeowners for any excess solar electricity that is not used within the home. Each state has their own tariff rate, with which they credit customers.
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Solar Credit Schemes

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STC's Explained

When you invest in a SRN solar power system, you will be issued additional Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC’s), previously known as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), by the Federal Government under the Solar Credits scheme.

SRN can purchase these credits at point of sale proportional to market value at the time, drastically reducing your upfront investment. NB: STCs are calculated based on how many megawatt hours of electricity your system will generate over a 15 year period.

Like having a mini power station on top of your home.

Photovoltaic or PV panels systems are configured to absorb daylight, not just sunlight. Any light that is “captured” in the cells of the panel is turned into energy — but before we can use it, it must be converted.

The newly created energy travels from the panel as Direct Current (DC) into an inverter which in turn converts the energy to Alternating Current (AC). AC is the same energy we use in our homes and powers all our major appliances, including lightning and AC. 

Any excess power not used by your home is fed into the national grid. In return, the energy companies pay you for your supply! 

Solar Panels are a fantastic investment for your home and the environment. They are incredibly low-maintenance having with no moving parts and a straightforward cleaning routine to keep them generating throughout the year. 

Solar Panels FAQs

Solar panels work by converting energy from light into a form of energy that can be used to power your home.

Solar energy is the greenest and cleanest form of renewable energy available for powering your property. The production of solar energy from your panels doesn’t contribute to global warming, acid rain or smog. It also produces no waste and no pollution. It also reduces reliance on Australia’s coal-fired electricity, which causes vast amounts of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Using the natural power from the sun allows solar panels to reduce your energy bills significantly. Additionally, if your solar panels produce more electricity than you use, you may be able to sell this excess power to the power grid. This is called a “feed-in tariff” and is paid in most states by your electricity company. Also, as a renewable energy provider, you are entitled to collect STCs (formerly RECs) – this can save you thousands of dollars on the price of a solar power system.

The Australian Government has implemented a wide range of financial incentives to reduce the initial cost of installing solar panels on your roof. State-level rebates are also available to many Australian customers.

No! Solar panels will continue to operate silently and efficiently year-round and are virtually maintenance-free.

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